Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The single most important part of ensuring your business can continue operations from an IT perspective is your data backup. Whether it is hardware failure, natural disaster like a flood or fire, accidental deletion by a staff member, or data hijack by a cybercriminal, your data is highly sensitive to factors outside your control. You can, however, regain control over your data with a properly planned, securely implemented, monitored and tested backup service.

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With business backup, there is no such thing as “set it and forget it” – the backup must be monitored on a daily basis and tested frequently to ensure that the jobs are running and completing correctly, and that the data being backed up can be recovered in case of an emergency. Our managed services package includes backup services designed to keep your data safe in any circumstance.

Business continuity is another critical aspect when considering backup. How long can your business afford to be down? How much data can you afford to lose – an hour’s, a day’s, or a week’s worth? Business needs vary – some businesses need to be able to recover full operations within a few minutes, while others can wait. We can design a custom backup and disaster recovery solution that is proper for your business, giving you peace of mind that you are covered in every type of circumstance.

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