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Because so many businesses are dependent on their IT for smooth functioning, IT projects are critical to making sure your network functions at top efficiency. Desktop hardware upgrades, server migrations, email and database migrations, and wireless overlay installations are some of the many projects that we assist our clients with.

Technology ought to help you run your business better. Over the years, we’ve developed a couple of simple rules to help clients determine what will best work for their business:

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Rule 1

If a job can be better done without involving technology, then it is better not to add a computer to the mix. Adding technology where it isn’t needed leads to overly complex processes, which can actually increase the time it takes to do a job, and often increases the financial cost as well when taking into consideration the maintenance, security, and hardware costs of a particular solution. Technology can’t make the hard decisions in your business, though it can help you gather and consolidate data in order to make an informed decision. Often technology is employed doing jobs that people would be better doing, especially in areas where face-to-face communication is needed.

Rule 2

However, if technology can do the job better and more efficiently, then use the right mix of hardware and services to do the job. Just as attempting to tow a large boat with a small car will likely fail, so using home or residential grade products to try and run your business is likely to end in great frustration, configuration problems, general slowness, and overall lack of efficiency. Using business-grade hardware at every level (desktop, server, network) along with purpose-built software and knowledgeable technical staff will save much headache, time, and money in the long run.

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