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Does technology help your business by boosting the bottom line, or does it hinder your success by making things too complex, too expensive, and breaking down at just the wrong time? Are computers helping you to win more clients? Grow your bottom line? Or are they costing you money and time? Are you consistently having to think about hardware and software, networks and security? Do you know what technology you actually need, and what you don’t? We can help – we specialize in helping small and medium businesses put their technology to work for them instead of the other way around. We provide a comprehensive service – from help desk and support to backup, security, vendor liaison and project assistance, we can help with all of the technology needs of a growing business.

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We offer several packages to help medium-sized businesses succeed, including:

  • Fully managed IT support – we are your IT department!
  • Partially-managed IT – we cover all of your technology basics, including backup and security
  • As-needed project support – when you need assistance with cabling, a new server, or any other technology project

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