One of the best benefits of having our IT managed by BIT Services is that we now have confidence that we are doing things the correct way; that we are HIPAA compliant, that we are now handling things in a proactive rather than a reactive way. We no longer have to worry about required changes since they alert us in advance and in most cases are able to make the changes for us. This is due to their outstanding leadership, guidance, and commitment to outstanding customer service.

The team at BIT Services are extremely customer focused and provide us with outstanding customer service each and every time. They are VERY responsive to our needs and they go above and beyond.

You should not hesitate to use BIT Services. You will immediately see that they are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to your needs. They have a well-trained staff and the owner truly cares about all aspects of his business. Once we began using them, we immediately felt that a weight had been lifted from our shoulders