One of the top benefits of working with BIT Services is that there are no surprises. If we have a problem, we give them a call and I feel like we are given platinum service.  One of their technicians calls and makes a physical appearance and the problem is resolved.

BIT Services does their best not to interrupt, or inconvenience business operations while they are busy checking up or fixing the IT problem at hand.  They’re discreet, they’re neat, and they’re efficient. They get the job done and are out the door.  If a return visit is required, they do it promptly.  Other IT companies I’ve personally encountered can make “a mountain out of a molehill” and be incredibly disruptive to business operations.

BIT Services is great because they’re local, incredibly responsive, and their pricing is fair. They don’t disappoint.

Aimee Hanna Executive Director
Aiken Senior Life Services

The single largest benefit of having a managed services account with BIT Services is the peace of mind that as a business owner and attorney, I am doing everything reasonable to ensure the security and safety of my clients' information as well as my own proprietary information.”

Brad Boni Attorney at Law
Boni Law

The largest benefit we’ve enjoyed by working with BIT Services is the ability to have someone on call if needed. When we have our IT guy on vacation or at another facility, we have peace of mind knowing BIT Services will give us the coverage we need.

We love the response time and knowledge of the team at BIT Services. They have fast response times and the ability to quickly learn the unique network and processes we run. I have never had an issue with BIT Services. They are quick to act when needed and they always follow up with a call after work is completed. We love having them as our on-call support.

Chuck System Administrator
Local Manufacturer

One of the best benefits of having our IT managed by BIT Services is that we now have confidence that we are doing things the correct way; that we are HIPAA compliant, that we are now handling things in a proactive rather than a reactive way. We no longer have to worry about required changes since they alert us in advance and in most cases are able to make the changes for us. This is due to their outstanding leadership, guidance, and commitment to outstanding customer service.

The team at BIT Services are extremely customer focused and provide us with outstanding customer service each and every time. They are VERY responsive to our needs and they go above and beyond.

You should not hesitate to use BIT Services. You will immediately see that they are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to your needs. They have a well-trained staff and the owner truly cares about all aspects of his business. Once we began using them, we immediately felt that a weight had been lifted from our shoulders

Pam Billing Specialist
Local Medical Office

I would highly recommend BIT Services!  As a small nonprofit business, we do not have in-house IT capability and depend upon BIT Services Managed Services to provide quality, effective and efficient IT services for our business. We are heavily dependent on our campaign and data-based software being operational.  BIT Services keeps these updated for us.  We also rely on BIT Services to help provide adequate security and backup for our critical files and information.  Our business depends upon these services being operational.

BIT Services is very responsive to our needs.  When we have a problem, someone immediately responds.  They are also very proactive in working with us to evaluate IT needs and addressing them as our budget allows.  We have a true partner with BIT Services.

Sharon Rodgers President
United Way of Aiken County

The largest benefit of working with BIT Services is having the knowledge that my computer needs are managed by professionals and also knowing that they are available to respond to all technical issues that surface from time to time. The team at BIT Services are quick and thorough in their response. They do it right the first time. I would and I have recommended BIT Services to my clients.

Bill Coscioni CFP, CPA
WealthCare / Financial Planners LLC

One of the largest benefits of a managed services plan with BIT Services is their great response time and quality service. They have excellent customer service with technicians who are patient, trustworthy, and not condescending. BIT Services is an IT firm that truly seeks to understand their customers’ needs and create efficient and effective solutions.

Heather Graham Administrative Assistant
New Covenant Presbyterian Church

There are so many benefits of having a Managed Services plan with BIT Services:

  • The comfort in knowing that if we have a question or need assistance on anything relating to IT (no matter how small), that their staff will get back to us right away.
  • The comfort in knowing that our computers, backup drives, and recording equipment are all being monitored daily.  They once alerted us to a hard drive failing on one of our computers several months before the drive actually failed, so we had time to back up the information on the failing computer and purchase a new computer in advance.
  • If something cannot be fixed remotely, they all are timely in their onsite response.
  • I love that we have external storage drives, both shared and personal. It allows us to share forms and information easily. It also protects our information in the event of a hard drive failure or lightning strike, like we had a couple of years ago.
  • I have truly appreciated the personal visits annually to discuss currently what is covered through our plan and any recommendations you have to improve our equipment, network and to make our systems more secure.
  • [Our Technician] is excellent. He is very knowledgeable, makes suggestions when needed, explains everything and makes repairs in a timely manner.

I have not worked with other IT firms before, but I have worked in a company that had their own IT Department. Honestly, BIT Services is more responsive, knowledgeable, and timely than they were. Right now, as a small agency, hiring our own IT guy wouldn’t make sense. However, knowing that we have a local team in BIT Services to call whenever we need them is very comforting. BIT Services is very experienced, provides excellent customer service, and alerts us to and solves any problems very quickly.

Susan Executive Director
Local Non-Profit

The single biggest benefit of working with BIT Services is that I don’t worry about everything being lost or compromised anymore. What a big relief! I have someone to call when I have questions, and they respond to my calls very quickly. Also, I appreciate all the help with HIPAA compliance because I had no idea where to start. It’s reassuring that we have started that process.

I would recommend BIT Services because they are dependable and trustworthy, and they follow up on their services.

Dawn Hightower Office Manager
Community Care and Counseling of Aiken